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Agile workplace for a changing world.

Climate Change. Coronavirus. Social Justice. Economics of work space. Everything has changed. Shouldn’t your approach to corporate real estate? At Epicycled, we believe that space should adapt to user needs on demand - so that you can re-configure your space over and over again to meet changing needs as they happen. Using the principles of circular economics we design, build and operate workplace environments to increase agility while reducing capital expense, time, disruption and waste throughout the full life-cycle of a facility.

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Epicycled is committed to being a key component of new workplace strategies driven by climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. The continuous drive to cheaper and more temporary construction and furnishings has a huge impact on the planet and humanity. By embedding agility into our circular model, we continuously reduce waste while increasing your ROI. Contact us to learn more about how agility and circular economics go hand in hand to create a more sustainable, healthy environment.


Total Cost of Occupancy (TCO) Analysis


Agile workspace development services


Agile workspace-as-a-service

Understand all workplace-related costs

Do you know what your organization's Total Cost of Occupancy (TCO) costs are for each facility you own or lease? TCO includes ALL costs that impact or are impacted by the workplace environment. Our TCO analysis can help your team understand the impacts of people, technology and work space costs on each other, so you can make better, more cost-effective decisions over time.

For corporate occupiers

We can help transition your current workplace standards into an agile environment that can adapt to rapid change over time, minimizing continuous capital expense and disruption. We work with your team to evaluate, plan, design, develop and operate agile workspace in your leased or owned premises.

For landlords

"Space-as-a-Service" or "co-working" is a trillion dollar opportunity that is changing how leading landlords think about tenant and amenity space. Our unique system streamlines the design, development and management of fully turnkey space to adapt to unforeseen market, cultural and economic forces.

Contact us to learn more about Agile workspace-as-a-service. 

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About Us

Changing the way we "do" workplace.

Celeste and Helen have been collaborating professionally for 20 years. During that time, they held an ongoing conversation that led, ultimately, to the launch of Epicycled, founded on a deeply held belief that the way we "do" workplace today isn't working. With 40 years experience each in business, design, construction and related fields, matching passions for circular economics, sustainable and systematized approaches, they are committed to developing new ways to support rapid change in the built environment.

Want to experience the expertise of Epicycled for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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The Team


Celeste Tell

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Celeste is a seasoned, interdisciplinary leader with deep experience in large, complex and innovative programs. She is passionate about developing and implementing integrated, agile workplace strategies to support change and transformation at every level, and is at her best navigating diverse teams towards a shared vision—with clear accountability for results and ROI over time. Her commitment to sustainability has led her to integrate principles of circular economics into everything she touches. Throughout her career, Celeste has held key leadership roles on various sides of the table, including corporate real estate/facilities, technology/real estate startups and architectural/ engineering organizations. She has presented at local and national industry conferences and workshops and participated in both local and national workplace consortiums. Celeste has a BA, Interior Design from Michigan State University and a Masters in Design (Strategy & Planning) from the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology.


Helen Brown

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Helen is a seasoned leader in architecture, design and commercial interiors who has cultivated a deep background in design, technical/ construction innovation, anthropology and sustainability. Her industry expertise spans from aviation to healthcare, technology to real estate development. Helen has successfully grown cross-functional teams and held key management roles—including executive-level financial and people responsibility—at leading architectural and industrial design firms. She has presented at the International Living Futures Institute’s Living Product Challenge 2015 and the Entrepreneurial MBA program at Northeastern University’s Seattle Campus. Helen is a licensed Architect, with a Bachelor of Architecture, Environment & Design from the College of Built Environment and a BA in Archeology/Anthropology from the University of Washington, with undergraduate work as an Anthropology Major at The Colorado College.

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